Changing the Way We CareSM is Changing How We Support Vulnerable Children Worldwide

CONTACT: Lynne McDermott

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND, October 22, 2018 — Changing the Way We CareSM today announced a new and innovative approach to supporting vulnerable children overseas while raising awareness about the estimated 8 million children who are growing up in orphanages.  80-90% of these children have a living parent but the family cannot provide the necessary care due to financial hardship or disability.  Changing the Way We Care is a global movement committed to changing this situation so children can grow up in the loving and protective environment of their own family so they can reach their full potential.  In collaboration with Build-A-Bear, Changing the Way We Care is providing an opportunity for generous Americans to actively support this effort for children to stay with their families.

Build-A-Bear, which is dedicated to “adding a little more heart to life,” developed a special “Hugs N’ Hope” bear, available exclusively at Build-A-Bear Workshop as part of a Build-A-Bear Hugs N’ Hope Party experience. During a Build-A-Bear Hugs N’ Hope party, Guests can make a Hugs N’ Hope bear, including putting a “wish” on the heart that goes inside. Each of these special bears will then be donated to Changing the Way We Care and given to a child so that they will have a furry friend to provide comfort and support during their transition to a healthy family environment.  

Groups interested in supporting Changing the Way We Care and vulnerable children while learning more about the issue can host a Build-A-Bear Hugs N’ Hope party and build the special bear themselves. Click here to request a Build-A-Bear Hugs N’ Hope party

“So many generous Americans want to support children overseas, and they are told orphanages are a great way to do it. The truth is that children need a family, either their own or an adoptive one who will love them. Orphanages are not the answer. We need to redirect our efforts to ensure that all children are raised in thriving, protective homes,” says Shannon Senefeld, Senior V.P for Catholic Relief Services. “The Hugs N’ Hope party offering at Build-A-Bear Workshop is a wonderful opportunity for Americans to do something meaningful for a vulnerable child overseas.”

 Changing the Way We CareSM

Changing the Way We Care is a global movement to end the culture of orphanages worldwide.  We know more than 8 million children worldwide are growing up in orphanages even though 80-90% of them have a living parent. We are reuniting these children with their family, or an adoptive family, while preventing other children from ever entering an orphanage. Our goal is a family for every child. Three organizations are teaming up to lead this change: Catholic Relief ServicesLumos and Maestral International.