Every Child Deserves a Family:

Stephen’s Story: Working Toward a Loving Home And Family

Peter’s Story: Life in an Orphanage

Broken Dreams: Why Volunteering in an Orphanage Is Part of the Problem


JK Rowling on orphanages (BBC)

A mission to take children out of poorly-run orphanages could be something from a Harry Potter plot. Read more here.  

CRS, Lumos, and Maestral’s Changing The Way We Care finalist presentation in the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change competition was featured prominently on the front page of the Chicago Tribune.



Mr. and Mrs. Davis wanted to open their home and hearts to a child in need. After doing so, they slowly began to realize that what “their” child was telling them was very different than what the adoption agency had told them. Read the rest of their story here.


Nigeria: Delta Shuts 201 Fake Orphanages (AllAfrica)

The state government through the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development, had raised the alarm over the influx of illegal orphanages and ordered the closure of 201. Read more here.

Inside Rwanda’s shocking orphanages marked for closure (iNews)

A British charity is backing the decision by Rwanda to shut the orphanages which sprang up after the 1994 genocide, as the country’s radical but controversial reforms continue. Read more here.

Closing African orphanages may be less heartless than it seems (The Economist)

More than half of Rwanda’s orphanages have closed since 2012, when the government decided they were doing more harm than good. Read more.

Podcast: How $100 Million Could Keep Kids at Home and Out of Orphanages (The Chronicle of Philanthropy)

In this interview with the Business of Giving, Sean Callahan, president and CEO of Catholic Relief Services, explains how the organization would apply the $100 million prize to boost its efforts to help millions of children remain with their families. Listen to it here.

Every child deserves a family: Caring the Catholic way (U.S. Catholic)

“If we work together, we can strengthen families by keeping them together. It is the Catholic thing to do,” writes Sean Callahan, CRS President. Read it here.

The Business of Giving (WNYM)

CRS President Sean Callahan talks with Derek Frederick about why family care is best for every child on The Business of Giving on WNYM in New York. Listen to it here.

Every Child Deserves a Family (Huffington Post)

CRS President Sean Callahan asks why when orphanages were long ago phased out in the US are they still in existence, even encouraged, overseas, and says every child deserves a family. Read it here.

An End to Orphanages (Baltimore Sun)

The leaders of CRS, Lumos and Maestral ask why are millions of children around the world living in orphanages when they could, and should, be growing up in families. Read it here.

The Guatemala Fire Tragedy Shows Why It’s Time to Get Rid of Orphanages (The Washington Post)

The fire that raced through a Guatemalan orphanage on March 8, killing at least 40 girls, gave horrific testimony on the need to end the institutionalization of children, writes Eric Rosenthal of Disability Rights International. Read it here.