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Changing the Way We Care Moldova is transforming the lives of a generation of at-risk youth and children by building a movement in support of family-based care.

Our Work in Moldova

Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) Moldova works with governments, civil society, and faith-based communities to change how we care for children and families. By strengthening systems, improving policies, investing in the care workforce, and engaging diverse stakeholders, CTWWC is building a movement in which all children can grow up in safe, nurturing family environments.

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Learn more about the situation for children separated from their families in Moldova and how CTWWC is ensuring that every child thrives in a safe and nurturing family.

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Care Reform in Moldova

Prior to 2000, Moldova had over 17,000+ children living in large residential institutions – sometimes referred to as orphanages. For the past twenty years, the Government of Moldova, supported by civil society, faith community, international organizations and donors has been working together to prevent family separation and reform the care system. Yet, still far too many children are growing up in institutions and not in families. Unfortunately, the number of at-risk children and children separated from their parents is on the rise in Moldova.

Collective Impact Umbrellla

Collective Impact Approach

Taking a Collective Impact Approach, CTWWC works with national and local government officials, civil society organizations, faith communities, and people with lived experience to build a sustainable mechanism for care reform infrastructure, where solutions are developed, tested, measured, and funded in consortium. This innovative approach brings government and community stakeholders together to ensure that child protection and care policies and services are effective, relevant to needs, adequately resourced, and accessible to all.

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Refugee Work in Moldova

CTWWC Moldova is ensuring that all families and all children, Ukrainian and Moldovan, receive the services they need to stay together and thrive. Working in partnership with leaders in the care reform sector, CTWWC is supporting the Moldova protection system to ensure it has the capacity, the infrastructure, and the services at the community level to serve all families.



Other Ways to Get Involved

Every child deserves a family and together we can Change the Way We Care by getting involved. There are many small ways YOU can make a difference!

Do you support an orphanage overseas? Did you know that by trying to do good you may unknowingly be supporting a harmful and growing industry? Contact us to learn how to you can change the way YOU care.