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Changing the Way We CareSM is working in Moldova to end the culture of orphanages while promoting family based care for every child.

Opportunity for Impact in Moldova

Prior to 2007, Moldova had one of the highest numbers of large-scale residential institutions – sometimes referred to as orphanages – in Europe. Most of the children living in institutions were separated from their parents because of a family crisis, migration, domestic violence, or special medical or learning needs, or disabilities.

For over a decade, the Government of Moldova, supported by Moldovan and international organizations, civil society, and donors – have been working hard to transform the lives of these children and build a stronger society to prevent family separation. In figures from the Government of Moldova, the number of residential institutions has been reduced from 67 with 11,500 children in 2007 to 19 with just under 800 children in 2019.1



We [the primary Moldovan partners] did not start this initiative from scratch. We have been at this for more than 10 years – we have had other collaborations with each other in the past. We have jointly promoted reforms together. But starting this collaboration with CTWWC will deepen our work together. We will be more deeply sharing. This will be a real added value to what we had before, and I am really appreciating the input and the collective work that we are doing altogether. Our collaboration is deepened even in these early months”
– Ludmila, staff member at CTWWC’s partner organization, Keystone International


Approach and Highlights:

Achieving significant care reform in Moldova is within reach. Government and civil society partners are working together to support the remaining caseload of children in residential institutions to transition to families.  Partners are also strengthening social services for reunified families and those at-risk of separation to ensure they have the support they need to care for their children and overcome challenges that have traditional resulted in residential care for children. 

Changing the Way We CareSM (CTWWC) is building a collective effort for care reform in Moldova by mobilizing government and community leaders, organizations and families to plan key interventions together.  

Partners are conducting comprehensive research to showcase the situation of families and services in Moldova, which will be the basis of activities going forward. This research includes:

  • local perceptions of how children are cared for,
  • functionality of the national care system, including skills of the social service workforce and procedures for case management
  • accessibility and quality of support services available for children and families,
  • success factors and lessons learned in reintegrating children from residential institutions with families
  • how COVID-19 has impacted children and families.
  • opportunities for improving legislation and funding mechanisms to support care


Looking Forward:

Key partners in Moldova include, Partnership for Every Child (P4EC); Copil, Comunitate, Familie (CCF); and Keystone Human Services International Moldova Association, working together to make this collective approach possible. Based on initial assessments and research, CTWWC seeks to set the direction of the initiative in coming years by:

  • reunifying children remaining in residential institutions with families,
  • providing expertise to strengthen national care strategies including improvements in the social workforce and case management practices,
  • accessibility and quality of the family, community, and support services available for children and families,
  • advancing public policies and making the case for adjusting public finance to fund community services,
  • engaging faith and community actors to influence public opinion on the above activities


“I was very happy when CTWWC started as now we have more allies and friends to push for the reforms we need in Moldova and make sure all children can enjoy family environment”
– Liliana, staff member at CTWWC’s partner organization, CCF Moldova


  • 1 According to Government of Moldova census data shared with the CTWWC team.



Other Ways to Get Involved

Every child deserves a family and together we can Change the Way We Care by getting involved. There are many small ways YOU can make a difference!

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