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U.S. News

The First Catholic World Children’s Day Is a Call for All of Us
National Catholic Register

This Women’s History Month, let’s celebrate women’s work for the orphaned and vulnerable
Christian Post

Freed Christian Nurse Cites Worship Song That Helped Get Her Through Captivity, Voddie Baucham Says ‘The Chosen’ Is 2nd Commandment Violation, 1 Corinthians 10
CBN’s Quick Start Podcast

Kids in these orphanages aren’t really orphans
The Christian Post

Should donors stop funding orphanages? Some NGOs think so

Mary Beth Iduh Is Helping Change The Way Catholic Relief Services Cares
This is the Day

April’s National Month of Hope Instills ‘Changing the Way We Care’
EWTN News Nightly

In Haiti, big money for orphanages can endanger children
Christian Post

More and more creative ways to interact with the story of Jesus | Pushing for children to fulfill their God given potentials
Faith Radio

This expert says orphanages can actually hurt a country after a crisis
The Common Good

How Violence Soaring in Haiti Impacts Orphans and Families
EWTN News Nightly

In Haiti, a crisis of violence, chaos, and cholera goes largely ignored by outside world.
Religion News Service

Keeping Children and Families in Guatemala Safe and Rooted: Changing the Way We Care
Georgetown University, Collaborative on Global Children’s Issues

The hidden crisis of the Covid-19 pandemic: 7.5 million orphaned children
America, The Jesuit Review

Changing the Way We Care (with Catholic Relief Services)
Catholic Momcast, episode #176

Researchers estimate 5.2 million children orphaned during pandemic
Catholic News Service

Changing the Way We Care: 3 Minutes with Mary Beth Iduh
Catholic Mom

Opinion: We should transition away from orphanages
The Washington Post

Covid is Creating a Global Child Care Crisis: Opinion

Helping orphans and vulnerable children
National Christian Foundation

A real reality show: MacArthur grant competitors vie onstage for $100 million prize
Chicago Tribune

Global effort to get kids out of orphanages gains momentum
SRN News

The ‘orphan’ I adopted from Uganda already had a family

Every child deserves a family: Caring the Catholic way
US Catholic – Faith in Real Life

International News

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