Do you actively support an orphanage? Did you know that many children in orphanages are not actually orphans? Take our quiz and find out what you know about orphanage and children´s care and see for yourself.

Did you know that 80 years of solid research shows that children who are raised in families fare far better in life than those raised in orphanages (we prefer to call these residential care facilities)? And shockingly, that children raised in orphanages can be more vulnerable later in life, including being 10 times more likely to fall into in sex work, 40 times more likely to have criminal records, and 500 times more likely to commit suicide? Take our quiz and discover more information about orphans, orphanages and families.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why Americans and Europeans support orphanages in other countries when we no longer allow them in our own countries? Take our quiz and find out what you actually know about orphanages, the children in them, and their families around the world.

    Experts say over 5 million children around the world are growing up in orphanages, yet not all are orphans. What percentage have at least one living parent?


    Worldwide, families living in poverty often feel they have no other choice then giving their kids to orphanages in the hopes of giving them:

    "a better life"educational opportunitiestreatment of a disabilityall of the above

    What is your best guess? In the past 20 years, despite the fact that there has been no increase in the number of children who have lost both parents, Uganda has gone from:

    36+ to 3 orphanages3 to 100+ orphanages36 to 800+ orphanages100 to 500+ orphanages

    Evidence shows that some orphanages are run for business or illicit activities, even while many are operated by people who genuinely care for children. Which of the following are true of unscrupulous orphanage operators? They:

    Research shows that the best place for all children, even if they are truly orphans or have disabilities, is:

    In family-like group homesIn a nursing home for children with disabilitiesWith an extended family member, like an AuntieOrphanages

    When did the U.S. close its doors on the last orphanages, in favor of foster care, group homes and residential treatment centers as a last resort?